Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML

The Office Binary (doc, xls, ppt) Translator to Open XML converts binary Microsoft Office documents into Office Open XML documents. A list of unsupported (or not yet supported) features can be found below.

Table of Contents

doc to docx Translator

The doc to docx translator is already quite mature. Nevertheless, some of the rather unfrequently used features are not yet or not yet fully implemented. The following tasks might be tackled in future phases of this project:

Please report any problems or issues you encounter in the SourceForge "doc2x Maintenance" tracker.

xls to xlsx Translator

The current goal of the xls to xlsx translator is to retain as many of the Excel-typical features as possible like formulas, value and date formatting, string and cell formatting.
The conversion result of straightforward Excel sheets should be quite good. More complex features are currently not supported, such as:

You can submit bugs or feature requests on Sourceforge in the "xls2x Bugs" tracker.

ppt to pptx Translator

The ppt to pptx translator is in an development phase where we retain elements that are important for the semantics of a presentation. Such elements are slides, text on slides, numbered and bulleted lists, pictures, some shapes as well as basic animations.
Some features that are not yet implemented:

Anyhow feel free to submit bugs in the "ppt2x Bugs" tracker on sourceforge

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