All scheduled features have now been implemented in Phase III/Milestone 2 of the b2xTranslator:

  • Excel (xls2x)
    • Shared Formulas
    • String Formatting
    • Data Type Formatting (number, date, currency, etc.)
    • Cell Formatting
  • Power Point (ppt2x)
    • Textbox Formatting
    • Shapes
    • Basic Animations
    • Notes (including Formatting)

The detailed feature mapping description can be found here.

Since the binary translator for Word documents (doc2x) was already quite complete we mainly concentrated in Phase III on high-priority bug fixes.

We will focus in the coming weeks on testing and code stabilization in order to release a stable and highly productive version in April. Then you will also come across an updated b2xTranslator web site on SourceForge including the test reports for the translators and updated documentation on binary Excel and PowerPoint file formats and xls/xlsx & ppt/pptx mapping.

And we are already paving the way for another phase of the b2xTranslator with some exciting new features …

Stay tuned!