Today we have uploaded the first milestone release of Phase II – on schedule :-)

You can download the executables and sources as usual from the download area on SourceForge. Some more information is available on the project web site under Supplementary Downloads:

  • the feature scope of the final Phase II release and
  • some results of our "convert & open" tests as part of the unit testing

These "convert & open" tests have proven again that they are a valuable tool for detecting problems: A test run yesterday resulted in an unacceptable error quote of 25%. The analysis of the problems revealed that most of them were related to the newly implemented comment translation feature (the binary file format specification is not so clear here, we will analyse this in more detail and report about it). The issue could easily be remedied and another "convert & open" test run resulted today in an error quote of 2% only (the remaining erroneous documents will be analysed and the problems fixed in the coming days).

In a nutshell, M1 is not a big, yet quite important interim release. We will continue our effort in implementing outstanding features and remedying found problems.

Stay tuned for future releases!