Three weeks ago since we have started the work on the next doc2x build and we have already implemented some core features of Phase II. So let’s have a look at the current state of development:

  • We enhanced our paragraph conversion and are now able to convert the “Floating Properties” of paragraphs. Thus, the converter fully supports Frames and Textboxes, regardless if the Textbox is a floating paragraph or a floating shape.
  • A second core feature that we already finished is the conversion of “Comments”.
  • In addition we fixed many open bugs and made the converter more stable and efficient. By the way, all of you guys are welcome to test the converters and submit bugs to the tracker on!

But there is still something to do before the final release in December: Currently we are tackling the conversion of OLE objects, charts and macros. They are stored as several “Structured Storage Streams” in the binary file format. These streams need to be bundled up to a “Structured Storage File” in the “OpenXml” archive.

So one of the main goals of the next week will be to extend our “StructuredStorageReader” library and make it to a “StructuredStorageWriter” ;) If you want to know more about OLE objects, charts and macros, it might interest you that we just added a new documentation to our How To Guides section.

Finally I can tell you that we are going to release the first Milestone of Phase II as planned at the beginning of October.
So long!